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Лора Цанкова - инструктор в Лийн Институт България

Lora Tsankova

Instructor & Consultant at Lean Institute Bulgaria



Lora Tsankova is a coach, trainer and lecturer on various topics related to achievements beyond limitations as well as personal development. Her knowledge and experience are a valuable contribution to the team of Lean Institute Bulgaria to easily convey the message to the customers about the upcoming changes, adaptation to the new situation and the decisions that will have to be made. Using business knowledge and skills combined with an empathetic leadership approach and a desire to reach new heights, Lora achieves extraordinary results. From individual work through working with teams, she helps overcoming the obstacles on the road to success.

Lora received her education in International Business and Management in the Netherlands, Spain and Ireland. Lora is a certified Strategic Coach using the methods of Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes and a certified NLP (neurolinguistic programming) practitioner. In her free time, she explores new cultures, learns new languages ​​and plays sports.

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