Lean Training Levels

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Lean Starter

This training will provide basic information on where the Lean methodology originates from, what makes it so popular in our major companies around the globe and what are the first things to know to start creating a Lean mindset in your company.

A Lean starter training also puts emphasis on the main founding principles of Lean which are applicable in any environment – from production to IT and Services.

This training typically serves as a boost for starting the lean change.

Lean Advanced

The advanced training of Lean explains the majority of the Lean tools in details and provides practical examples of their application.

We believe that the best approach for memorizing is “learning by doing” so we focus on simulations which prove the effectiveness of lean toolbox.

This training is appropriate for companies, which have already started their lean journey and need further guidance and their next steps.

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lean business expert shows labyrinth with the right direction

Lean Expert

In the Lean Expert training, you will learn how to start Lean transformation in your company by following a structured approach of visibility creation, capability building, lighthouse initiatives and further roll out.

Here we focus on applying Lean in the three pillars of successful organization – mindset, culture and management infrastructure.

Lean Expert training connects all the tools and methods in the lean ecosystem by providing a structured approach for implementation with all possible pitfalls on the way. This training requires good understanding of lean and supports companies, which would like to be well prepared before their lean start.

For registration or any other information about our trainings and services, please, do not hesitate to contact us