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After the training, you will be able to:

You will understand how Lean creates leaders and how these leaders think and act;

You will look at the human factor from a different perspective;

You will know how to properly use your most important resource – people;

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You will learn to see the main problems in processes and the organization;

You will be able to handle some of the tools that Lean uses to develop middle and top management;

Course description

In this course, we will delve into a key element of the Lean methodology – the human factor. We will talk about the role of the right mindset and behavior, and arm you with the necessary tools and mindset to enhance your leadership. You will understand the difference between a manager, a good leader and an inspirational leader. After the course, you will have the skills and opportunity to consider what steps to take as leaders, both in day-to-day management and in turbulent economic times.

In a crisis situation, employees are more than ever the main distinguishing factor for success – especially those who know how to improve processes and create happy customers. Managing them and effectively empowering them to make decisions on their own is crucial. Leadership is more important than ever. We will try to teach you to see things like true Lean leaders and achieve results that you have not achieved before in this role.

With this training, we will answer the question of how to lead your company forward through your most important resource – people – stepping on the most human-oriented methodology and way of thinking in our production history – Lean.

What is Lean

Lean is a philosophy and methodology that focuses on delivering maximum value to the customer by reducing resources, time, energy and effort. At the core of Lean are people and skills to create a culture of continuous improvement. Since Toyota’s successes starting in the middle of the last century, Lean has become the most sought-after and proven best way to improve organizations from all industries, including software development and services.

Lean is the most successful methodology in the world, part of the DNA of companies from all industries. SAP, Toyota, Amazon, BNP Pariba, Vodafone, Starbucks and many other small and large organizations are distinguished by one thing – they apply Lean and owe a large part of their success to it.

Method of conducting


The course is virtual, lasting 1 day;


The course is interactive – participants can ask questions at any time and discuss the material;


Students have the opportunity to work on assignments after each session and receive feedback from the trainer.


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Anelia Mancheva

Senior consultant and instructor of Lean Institute Bulgaria

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Who is the course suitable for?


For managers who want to develop their leadership skills and deal with the problem of missing quality people;


For owners who want to turn their managers into inspirational leaders;


For HR specialists who want to help their company in the strategic development of quality personnel;


For employees who want to excel or take the next step in their career development;

Why enroll in the course?


You will tap into the knowledge of the Lean Global Network, including more than 30 countries and over 500 Lean and Six sigma implementations per year;


You will have the opportunity to learn from proven specialists with many years of experience;


You will learn in highly interactive environment and practice most of the tools during the course;


You will receive a globally recognized certificate from the Lean Global Network;

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