Business process management


Business Process Analysis

The examination of a company’s business processes in order to identify inefficiencies or areas for improvement. By analyzing the steps in a process and the people, technology, and resources involved, businesses can optimize their operations to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Карта на процес

Process Mapping

Creating a visual representation of a process, in the form of a flowchart or diagram. The goal of process mapping is to provide a clear understanding of the steps involved in a process, as well as the inputs, outputs, and decision points.

Дизайн на процесите

Process Design/Re-Design

The creation or improvement of a process to achieve a specific outcome. Process design involves the development of a new process from scratch, while process re-design involves modifying an existing process to make it more effective and efficient.


Пилотно въвеждане на процес и мониторинг

Process Pilot and Hypercare

Pilot and Hypercare are two phases of the implementation process for a new system or process. The pilot phase involves testing the new system or process on a small scale to identify any issues or challenges that need to be addressed. The Hypercare phase involves providing additional support and resources to ensure the new system or process is successful and running smoothly.

Гласът на служителя


Voice of Employee (VOE) and Voice of Customer (VOC) are two methods of gathering feedback from employees and customers, respectively. VOE and VOC are used to identify areas for improvement, understand customer needs and preferences, and make data-driven decisions.

Създаване на стандартна оперативна процедура

Creating SOP

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are detailed instructions that outline the steps required to complete a task or process. SOPs are used to ensure consistency and quality in operations, and they can help to streamline processes and reduce errors.

Задаване на метрики

Setting KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable goals that are used to track progress and performance. Setting KPIs helps businesses to focus on the most important metrics for success and can drive continuous improvement.


Управление на промяната

Drive Change Management

Facilitate the processes and help design the tools used to manage the human side of organizational change. Driving change management involves leading and supporting people through a period of transition, which can involve changes in processes, technology, or organizational structure. Effective change management can help to minimize resistance and maximize adoption of new initiatives.



Observing a person as they work to gain a better understanding of their role and the processes they use. This can be a useful tool for training new employees, identifying areas for process improvement, or developing a better understanding of a job function.

Детайлизирани интервюта

Deep Dive Interviews

Organize interviewes asking in-depth questions to gain a deeper understanding of a person’s perspective or experience. These interviews can be used to gather qualitative data and insights that can inform decision-making and process improvement. Deep dive interviews are typically conducted with key stakeholders or subject matter experts.

Стратегическо планиране

Strategic Planning

Developing a long-term plan to achieve a company’s goals and objectives. This may include conducting a SWOT analysis, defining a mission and vision, identifying strategic initiatives, and creating a roadmap for implementation.

Промяна в управлението

Change Leadership

Guiding and managing people through a period of transition, whether it’s a change in process, technology, or organizational structure. Effective change leadership involves building a vision, communicating the change, and inspiring others to take action.

Управление на представянето

Performance Management

Setting goals, providing feedback, and evaluating progress toward those goals. This may include creating performance metrics, conducting performance reviews, and developing action plans to improve performance.


Hoshin (Hoshin Planning or Policy Deployment)

A strategic planning process that aligns an organization’s goals and objectives with its resources and activities. The process involves creating a long-term vision, defining strategic objectives, identifying annual goals and targets, and deploying resources to achieve those targets.

Анализ на данни

Data Analytics

Data analytics involves using data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions. This may include data visualization, predictive analytics, or business intelligence reporting.