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About Us

lean The Team of Lean Institute Bulgaria

Who We Are

Above All, We are People Who Practice Lean Thinking

Lean Institute Bulgaria is a consulting and training company, established in 2014 with the purpose of supporting the business in Bulgaria to successfully embark on a continuous improvement journey.

Lean Institute Bulgaria creates partnerships with companies from different sectors. The partnerships consist of basic and advanced Lean and Six Sigma training, learning through improvement projects, coaching employee groups and leadership teams, applying new ways of thinking and acting. Applying lean thinking aims to develop their human resource, transform knowledge and actions into real results. Our consultants and trainers have experience in many industries and have worked with top Lean experts from around the world.

Our Mission Is To:

  • Support the business in Bulgaria to successfully embark on a continuous improvement journey;
  • Organize educational events;
  • Sharing knowledge and good practices;
  • Improve performance & raise living standards;
  • Provide human resources professional development;
  • Develop knowledge of lean thinking and lean practice;
  • Develop the capability to define and eliminate wastes;
  • Create value to your customers in less time at the right time;
  • Develop the capability to make and sustain changes;
lean institute Lean Institute Bulgaria

The Team

Николета Ковачева - маркетинг Лийн Институт България

Nikoleta Kovacheva

Иван Джеферов - продажби Лийн Институт България

Ivan Dzheferov

Маргарита Страшилова - консултант Лийн Институт България

Margarita Strashilova

Никола Димитров - консултант и лектор в Лийн Институт България
Senior Consultant & Instructor
Анелия Манчева - консултант и лектор в Лийн Институт България
Senior Consultant & Instructor
Лора Цанкова - инструктор в Лийн Институт България
Instructor & Consultant
LGN our network

Lean Global Network™

Lean Institute Bulgaria is part of the Lean Global Network™ (LGN)
established by the people who first explained to the world what lean is all about – James P. Womack and Daniel Jones. Our LGN membership added value: educational articles and videos, online education, books, partnership, consultations.
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More About Us and Lean Global Network™

Lean Institute Bulgaria started back in 2014 as a small lean community and grew to over 500 people who follow our posts, comments, articles and events. So far we have organized more than 20 lean events in Sofia and Plovdiv. Our most recent success is becoming part of the Lean Global Network™ (LGN) established by the people who first explained to the world what lean is all about – James Womack and Daniel Jones.

In 2017 the organization joined the Lean Global Network and is now part of one of the largest teams of lean experts across the world. The roots of the knowledge we are tapping on daily can be traced back to J. Womack and D. Jones who were the first researchers to pin the word “Lean” by describing Toyota Production System back in the 1980s. Today both gentleman, along with John Shook – the third globally recognized lean guru, provide support for the Lean Institutes on their lean expansion mission under the motto “Make things better, through lean thinking and practice”.


LGN is a community of lean thought leaders and practitioners with the goal of making things better by advancing lean thinking and practice throughout the world. Founded by Jim Womack and Dan Jones in 2007, LGN supports the members in three fundamental ways:

  • Share knowledge on lean thinking and practice to develop skills within the community;
  • Collaborate on joint company projects and events;
  • Develop new educational materials such as publications and training;
Lean Global Network map

Our Partners in Bulgaria

Companies That Trusted Us

In Service Sector:
клиент Paysafe (Finance) - лого на компанията
клиент DSK (Banking) - лого на компанията
клиент Delamode (Logistics) - лого на компанията
клиент VMWare (Cloud and Digital Spaces) - лого на компанията
клиент Atos (Technology services) - лого на компанията
клиент Jysk (Logistics) - лого на компанията
In the Production Sector:
клиент Witte (Automotive) - лого на компанията
клиент Odello (Automotive) - лого на компанията
клиент Voss (Automotive) - лого на компанията
клиент Liebherr - лого на компанията
клиент Reichle & De Massari (optic fiber) - лого на компанията
клиент LEM (voltage transducers) - лого на компанията
клиент KEMET (semi conductors) - лого на компанията
клиент Yuri Gagarin (printing house) - лого на компанията
клиент Milestone Systems Bulgaria - лого на компанията

Take Advantage of Our Services

Lean консултиране с Васил Петров

Business Consulting

Business consulting by implementing the lean methodology

Media Appearances

Lean management or how companies can optimize their processes

Interview with Vasil Petrov, founder and managing director of Lean Institute Bulgaria, in the telecast “Business Meeting”, hosted by Tanya Krasteva for Bloomberg Bulgaria.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

„While in Western Europe Lean and Six Sigma are standards in almost every medium and large company, in our country things are still at a very early stage.“ – talk for the Manager magazina Vasil Petrov – managing director of Lean Institute Bulgaria.


The Lean Conference

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