Lean consulting

Lean Institute Bulgaria will assist you in the journey to excellent performance by implementing Lean thinking and practices to your business model and production process.

Trust our industry-wide expertise gathered by almost 30 institutes across the globe. Our consultants will help you evaluate your current state of service delivery and will support you on the way to excellence through the utilization of Lean thinking and practices.

лийн консултиране

We offer consulting services in the following industries


Industrial Goods

The complexity of the material and information streams in this industry requires a deep analysis of the value flow to the customer. Lean process design leads to low cost and high efficiencies.


The manufacturing sector has traditionally faced a variety of challenges, which were only exacerbated by the global pandemic.

For example – material and labor shortages, inventory management, shifting consumer behavior patterns, complex and fragile supply chains, to name just a few. Manufacturing companies need to constantly redefine themselves in today’s disruptive environment and get the most out of Industry 4.0 innovations, in order to stay relevant and competitive.

информационни технологии


The IT industry is facing various challenges related to the quality and speed of product delivery. There is very little conceptual understanding among the developers and the introduction of continuous improvement thinking becomes critical for success.


The unprecedented boom in the IT sector in Bulgaria, unfortunately, does not come without its challenges. IT companies must be very agile and quick-to-market.

There is a great risk a software product becomes obsolete even before its go-live. Or it launches on time, only for the customer to find a plethora of bugs, leading to loss of reputation and sleepless nights for the development team. On top of everything, there are simply not enough qualified people on the market and IT companies have to create internal academies to equip their employees with the necessary skills.


Lean in Services

The market share of the service industry has been growing exponentially in the past decade. Happier customers mean more business. Understanding the voice of those customers is a game-changer.


The Services sector is growing strongly in recent years due to the competitive advantages of the Bulgarian market, among other factors. However, companies in this area face multiple challenges – a chronic skilled-labor shortage, hard-to-measure and inconsistent quality, inability to meet customer needs, etc.

The Services industry requires a specific approach, as it is sometimes hard to estimate what is the quality of a service as it is intangible, depends a lot on who is performing it and moreover, the customer cannot “return” it. Furthermore, digitalization, AI or other automation technologies as well as the “globalization” of the labor market in the face of outsourcing are disrupting the industry.