Business process automation

We can help you with Low-code, no-code automations which to streamline your manual process

What does this mean? Means that Microsoft Power Platform allows you to fully benefit from 4 main components:

Power Apps

Power Apps

Where you can build your own applications accessible from smart phone, tablet or computer – the end user interface. You don’t need to buy expensive solutions where you will be consuming approximately 30% of its capabilities just because this is the way they authors are selling it. Rather than that you will “dress up” your process into tech solution with much easier stakeholder onboarding – just because you are not heavily changing the process – you simply make it digital.

Power Automate

All those tasks which should be happening in the back end, hidden from people’s sight. Quite common repetitive dull tasks, or such with high volume which require extensive time if human to be involved. Works 24/7 and allow possibility to provide clear log of what is happening.

Стратегическо планиране

Power BI

All the data gathered from different sources, including Power Apps and Power Automate, to be visible through dashboards allowing drill down and making numbers-based decisions for shaping the work. Powerful transformation engine which allows heavy data transformations which ones set, to be repeated on regular basis making the same calculations, allowing end users just interpreting results without wasting time. 

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents

The moment where you realize that people need to answer the same questions over and over again due to customer demand. Instead, a technology can substitute humans in this repetitive task if the answer can be sourced from the data available. Once no answer can be found, then the virtual agent will escalate the inquiry to a human, providing great customer experience.

Why you would like to go for the Power Platform utilization?

Because it is made for end users and in case you have already Office 365 subscription, then you will benefit from it at no cost. You will free some budget from heavy, clumsy and expensive tech developments – you will get custom made solution, specifically designed for you. The perfect win-win. 

But what if you have a different scenario?

For example, you are using an old system which doesn’t allow modern connectivity (API) and you still would like to automate the work with it? The answer is RPA – Robot Process Automation. Where is the difference with the Power Platform? The RPA will simulate exactly the behavior of a human interacting with the system – the software will occupy the mouse, keyboard and screen of a computer and will click whenever is needed, and will input data wherever it is needed. Simple prerequisite is that the process to be automated is stable and predictable. 

What about in the case where you don’t need Power Platform or RPA solutions?

You just need data transformation in Excel, or custom solution in Word, or in Outlook? Then the answer is automation through Excel VBA (VBA stands for Visual Basic Analysis). Excel VBA is Microsoft’s programming language for Office applications such as MS-Excel, MS-Word, and MS-Access. With it you can make tailor made solution specifically designed for your process. Talking about Excel we can offer even more – Power Query. It allows to define a recipe for transformation of raw data and every time when there is a need see some actuals, the solution will do it for you within seconds (example would be if you have 5 different sales persons and each is filling own Excel spreadsheet, but you as a manager would like to see only consolidated and clean data allowing to make fast and exact decisions).