Six sigma consulting

Six sigma methodology 

Complex problems in business processes require a more detailed approach. The Six Sigma methodology enables us to optimize processes, resulting in reduced defects and increased quality of the final product/service. Six Sigma gives us a structured approach through the use of the so-called D-M-A-I-C cycle (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control).

Сикс сигма консултиране

D-M-A-I-C cycle includes:

Precise and thorough definition of the problem;

Collection of objective data on the current performance of the process;

Finding the root cause of the problem;

внедряване на решения

Identification and implementation of possible solutions;

Track and control the performance of the improved process;

This methodology enables in-depth analysis and elimination of the root cause of problems, ensuring sustainable improvement that can be felt by the customer.

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