Tomorrow Redefined 2023 was held on May 19 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Sofia. For another year, the event brought together companies from Bulgaria and the region with top lean experts from all over the world. The experts shared their experience in the field of methods for improving business processes, building standards, developing people and creating a culture of continuous development. Best practices and examples from leading companies such as Sensata, HP Inc., Festo, Experian and others were presented.

A special guest, for the first time in Bulgaria, was James Womack – the author of the bestsellers “The Machine That Changed the World” and “Lean Thinking” – the books in which the term “lean” appeared for the first time at the end of the last century and subsequently is becoming a way of thinking and organizing the work of hundreds of thousands of companies around the world.


The topics were current and intriguing, covering various business industries – from manufacturing, through IT and outsourcing services, to healthcare, tourism and many others. The presenters shared how lean thinking can help improve processes and customer satisfaction in today’s increasingly unpredictable micro and macroeconomic environment, how to effectively transfer skills within an organization, how Amazon is taking advantage of new Industry 4.0 technologies and much more other interesting and useful practices and ideas. Lean improvements carried out at a hospital in Barcelona and a hotel in the Canary Islands were shown in a live video streaming session.


The event ended with a gala dinner where the first Operational Excellence Awards of its kind in Bulgaria were handed out. 7 companies were recognized for their efforts and success in creating a culture and processes of continuous improvement.

Feedback from guests of Tomorrow Redefined 2023:

For sure having the chance to listen to a person with the reputation and vast experience as James Womack and having his view of the future was very exciting. I also liked most the presentations which showed practical cases and solutions not just theoretical content.

I liked the atmosphere, the wonderful presenters, the selected current topics.

I really liked each of the speakers and the content they provided! 

The presentation of the guest speakers from Tenerife / Dreamplace hotels. How a Gemba walk takes place in a hotel, how Lean happens in a hotel was extremely interesting to me.

Everything was done with style and passion and it was visible. Having translators impressed me, it’s not very usual in such conferences. The quality and taste of the food was great, cocktail prosecco as well. The harpist was great, I’ve never seen harp performance in person and it was so stylish!

The organizers are great and I was impressed how interactive and interesting all the speakers were. My favorite session was Amazon fulfillment 4.0 presented by Christoph Roser.

An exceptional set of people and companies!

Gathering many people with common interests is something unique!